Healthy Heart

Healthy Heart
Bison…America’s Original Red Meat
If health restrictions have lowed your typical red meat intake, bison might be the delicious fix you’ve been looking for.

While it has a flavor often indistinguishable from beef, a well-refined palette will detect a richer, fuller, and sweeter flavor. It is not a ”gamey” or wild tasting meat. In addition to taste is also cooked in a similar way to beef.

Unlike beef however, it doesn’t have the high saturated fat, calories, and cholesterol. It is one of the leanest, protein rich meats. It’s leaner than skinless chicken or turkey, and is comparable to most fish. Bison is know to be a highly nutrient dense food because of the proportion of protein, essence fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals when compared to its caloric value.

To make sure that Pencil Bison Ranch brings you the highest quality meat we never use growth hormones or antibiotics. We leave your meat just the way nature intended it to be.
  • Food for Thought

    Bison are the only mammal that does not develop cancer; its meat is non-allergenic; bison met has 35% more protein than beef; it has less cholesterol than skinless chicken or turkey, and is comparable to most fish; the Plains Indian was not known to develop heart disease or cancer on a bison diet; bison meat can reduce LDL by 45% over six months of eating 4oz of bison meat four to five times a week.

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Nutrient Composition (per 100 grams of cooked lean meat)
USDA Handbook 8-5;8-10;8-13;8-17 *skinless
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